Terry Batt Sports Charters
Bradwell Marina, Essex

About Vanishing Point 2

Boat Specification: 51ft x 17ft - Powered by 2 x 450 Iveco engines.

Facilities: Heated fully enclosed wheel-house 14 seats, full size toilet with electric flush, large fridge, domestic electric kettle, George Foreman Grill, and Domestic Microwave oven, Clay Pigeon shooting Trap, all fishing equipment available on the boat.

Vanishing Point 2 was built at a cost of £720,000.00 and is one of the fastest large Catamaran in the UK at 28 knots.

She was built to a very high standard, for a duel roll, Fishing, and also Clay Pigeon Shooting, with a specification to be envied by any Charter boat operator…!!

She seats 14 inside her large wheel-house, on fully sprung CAB seats with safety belts and headrests, with the door closed and inside temperature in winter kept to around 70 degrees, so very comfy for all.

We have a large fridge, George Foreman Grill, and a Micro wave oven, domestic electric kettle, and for summer time we have a new boat BBQ, which Nicola cooks fresh Mackerel, for the parties as you catch them, and she cooks fresh Cod in winter if anyone wants fish for lunch..!! Or bring sausages and bacon and just have a fry up for breakfast and for lunch you can bring stakes, burgers, pies etc....!!!

This sports charter vessel is unrivalled,…. it’s got a cruising speed of 22 knots, and a top speed of 28!!, Tons of room inside, and this new vessel includes a drying room heated to 80 degrees for any wet clothing and storing your fishing tackle, and outside, great cooking facilities, aircraft type toilet, and shower, heating for those cold days at sea, and lovely rest area to take a well-earned break for lunch in the warm..!!!

About The Skipper

I have been charter fishing for over 30 years now, and like others that operate from our port, we all have a wealth of knowledge to put you over the fish.
I am not one of these skippers that try to rubbish my colleges to make out I am so much better than the rest, that kind of thing makes me quite angry, and really makes you look unprofessional! That comment is not aimed at other Pro skippers like myself, but those who would operate outside the law. The cowboy skippers!, unlicensed that make our fishing sport, which we have to be licensed to the hilt to operate, makes a nonsense of it all, and it's only members of the public that value their lives so little to save a few pounds, go with these guys that do not have the experience and that's when the accidents happen.
So stay safe, go with a Pro skipper, and enjoy your sport and return home safe to fish/shoot another day..!!!

We (Nicola and I) have been working in the North West of England for the last 5 years, and we have gained a lot of experience as skipper and crew, in really harsh weather conditions that only the Irish sea can throw at you, and off the Cornish coast, where you get those huge Atlantic swells off the Doom bar, and also the seas around Wales, I think to become a seasoned marina you need to work outside your comfort zone, to really get a grip of what nature can truly throw at you, then, and only then, are you equipped mentally to take people safely 60 miles off-shore, many who do advertise trips of 60 miles endurance off-shore have rarely gone more than 25 to 30 miles from a safe haven, and hence when things go wrong, they are not equipped to deal with the situation.!!!

I am extremely lucky!! in as much as my wife Nicola, is also a fully licensed Skipper and in an emergency could take full control of our vessel and bring her home safely, and she knows exactly what I require as my right hand man (so to speak) without me having to ask, she really is the best crew I have ever had, which clearly shows through on our fishing charters, if Nicola is not on board..... (rare) but the guys are all disappointed, and ask where she is, she is a breath of fresh air on the boat, and nothing is ever too much trouble for her, from helping inexperienced anglers bait up, cast out, gutting and skinning their catch, as well as cooking there bacon, sausages, burgers...etc, and laughing all the way through the day,... !!
Tight Lines and Hot Guns..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!