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14 / 5 / 2018

Well the weather was perfect last Wednesday 9th May and along with myself, Nicola (my wife) good pal John Rawle Les Wake, and my dear friend Nigel Farage we set of from Bradwell marina early doors.. departing at 0530 to head out offshore to grounds that John knew well..!

After an Hour and a half of steaming at 22 knts we arrived on the selected fishing ground which John had carefully steered Vanishing Point-2, and after a few minutes of going back and fourth gave Nicola the thumbs up to shoot the anchor away, ...
(" I must say the after doing this job for 30 odd years and watching the man who taught me all those years ago to become a successful charter boat skipper, watching him once again working his magic...!! it was a rare treat for me to learn another lesson..... Thanks John your still the greatest in my book even though you are retired")

We got to the mark perfectly, the ebb tide was just about to start and with almost instant results Nigel's rod bent hard over and the fight was on..!! the first of what must have been a 50-60 fish catch of superb Spur-dog adventure.

I personally had a 21.5 lbs Spur, Nigel had many Spur's best one for him was 20 lbs we all had fish bubbling around the 19-20 lbs mark and of course Nicola (great female angler) was cashing my ass and came in with a 21 lbs Spur just beat her by half a pound ...Phew...!!!! I would never have lived that one down if I hadn't beaten her because like me, John has taken Nicola under his wing and showed her many fishing methods and tricks that make you have the edge and he loves it when Nicola kicks my butt...lol

But after 6 hours of wall to wall magnificent fishing it was time to head off home and 1 hour 40 minutes we were once again slipping Vanishing Point-2 back into her birth in Bradwell Marina for a well earned rest.

We all new that we could travel all that way only to find the Spur-dogs had all gone..! as they are by there very nature are very nomadic as we knew to boats with very experienced skippers for our area were out 2 days before us and didn't find a single Spur-dog, so was it once again John spinning his uncanny knowledge as I recon he thinks like a fish..!! that put us over the fish, where other's had failed..

Well the general fishing is really good at the moment, lots of Thornback Rays, Hounds started to show and will get better as the month goes on, we are picking up a few Bass (must be returned) plenty of dogfish ...

If you want to get in on the action just call me or Nicola on 07768306646 to book your slot..and I have to say the Clay pigeon shooting is now so hugely popular with our customers that a new hi-tec multi carousel clay trap has been ordered..!! if you think your good enough come and have a go...!!

Tight lines, and hot guns.

19 / 4 / 2018

Loads of fish being caught at the moment, with up to 6 hook up's at once not unsusal.
Call me on : 07768306646 to try to get on a trip..

8 / 4 / 2018

Well the thornback season has opened in earnest now with fish yesterday boated to 16 lbs there are lots to be had up to an average of 40 per trip ..... so if you want to get into these big fish just call..07768306646

29 / 1 / 2018

Hi all sorry not been very active for a while, but not a lot been happening.

With the weather hit and miss... mostly miss, we have done little on the charter front, but I am glad to see the winds of change are blowing at last..!! there are a few nice Thornback Rays coming to the hooks, and the elusive Codling are showing, not in great numbers but at least we are getting a few most trips... so good news.

So with a busy few months expected with the influx of the Rays inshore mostly big ones and a few nice Codling we are hoping the phone will start to ring and the book starts to fill up.

We did have a bad year last year... not the fishing mind, that was really good, but anglers letting us down at the last minute and refusing to pay for their charters... Nicola and I for the first time in our history running a charter boat lost £18,000.00 so we need our customers to book Vanishing Point-2, (the boat you all say you love so much) and lets make this years one to remember for all the right reasons...!!! because if we have a repeat of last year, I am afraid after 31 years of chartering we will sell up and retire, and so many of you have told me that is the last thing you want, so lets see where 2018 takes us.

As I say, the phone has started ringing and bookings taken so looks like a good start lets hope it continues, and the clay shooting has got off to a flying start with most charters also shooting as well...

Well thank you to those of you that have already booked up with us we look forward to seeing you all on the boat until then .......... Tight lines

24 / 11 / 2017

Fishing has been fairly consistent over the last few weeks.
Not many Codling showing but there has been a few most trips… and I do mean a few.
Still plenty of Rays to catch, along with some nice size whiting dogs, a few Bass still up river and the Dabs are there in good numbers once again.
The water temperature is defiantly a notch down on last year as we are recording water in single figures now around 9 degrees, where as last year John Rawle and myself took a party of anglers way out off-shore to the Trinity light buoy in a desperate attempt to find some Cod, but the water temperature was still 13 degrees and all we found was loads of Rays which we could have caught close inshore..
Well it’s good I suppose we are seeing a splattering of small Codling let’s hope it will be the start of the Cod making a return to Thames waters ….
Tight lines…. and please book your trips for 2018 if you want the
Vanishing Point-2 to still stay operational …..