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29 / 1 / 2018

Hi all sorry not been very active for a while, but not a lot been happening.

With the weather hit and miss... mostly miss, we have done little on the charter front, but I am glad to see the winds of change are blowing at last..!! there are a few nice Thornback Rays coming to the hooks, and the elusive Codling are showing, not in great numbers but at least we are getting a few most trips... so good news.

So with a busy few months expected with the influx of the Rays inshore mostly big ones and a few nice Codling we are hoping the phone will start to ring and the book starts to fill up.

We did have a bad year last year... not the fishing mind, that was really good, but anglers letting us down at the last minute and refusing to pay for their charters... Nicola and I for the first time in our history running a charter boat lost £18,000.00 so we need our customers to book Vanishing Point-2, (the boat you all say you love so much) and lets make this years one to remember for all the right reasons...!!! because if we have a repeat of last year, I am afraid after 31 years of chartering we will sell up and retire, and so many of you have told me that is the last thing you want, so lets see where 2018 takes us.

As I say, the phone has started ringing and bookings taken so looks like a good start lets hope it continues, and the clay shooting has got off to a flying start with most charters also shooting as well...

Well thank you to those of you that have already booked up with us we look forward to seeing you all on the boat until then .......... Tight lines

24 / 11 / 2017

Fishing has been fairly consistent over the last few weeks.
Not many Codling showing but there has been a few most trips… and I do mean a few.
Still plenty of Rays to catch, along with some nice size whiting dogs, a few Bass still up river and the Dabs are there in good numbers once again.
The water temperature is defiantly a notch down on last year as we are recording water in single figures now around 9 degrees, where as last year John Rawle and myself took a party of anglers way out off-shore to the Trinity light buoy in a desperate attempt to find some Cod, but the water temperature was still 13 degrees and all we found was loads of Rays which we could have caught close inshore..
Well it’s good I suppose we are seeing a splattering of small Codling let’s hope it will be the start of the Cod making a return to Thames waters ….
Tight lines…. and please book your trips for 2018 if you want the
Vanishing Point-2 to still stay operational …..

25 / 9 / 2017

Report from Friday and Saturday.... Friday saw Dave Barham with one of his superb..............
(Fishing tutorial adventures with Dave Barham) and we set out quite early from Bradwell to be at an off-shore mark that normally fishes it's pants off... but I was a little worried at the lack of bird life, well I say lack..!! it was devoid to be honest.
We tried several marks in the same stretch of water for only a couple of very small school Bass.
Then I took a gamble based on last year when the same thing happened according to my little red book.. and steamed NW for 30 minutes to another favourite Bass Mark of mine.
Once we were settled and everything was quiet after about 15 minutes Dave hit into the first Bass nice fish about 5lbs and this was followed for the next 2 hours with a string of good Bass with some slightly smaller and some bigger around 27 Bass landed and even Dave missed some crashing bites..... but that's Bass fishing for you.... you don't get them all, no matter how great you are, I was lucky not to have lost my rod over the side, I just had to go into the wheelhouse to get more bait from the fridge when my hermit crab (which has been working really well for Bass) it didn't enter my mind I was going to get a large Smoothound attack...lol luckily Mark was on hand to catch my rod before it went over the side, so it only seemed right to let him land the fish... the way it stripped line off the reel at first I thought.. dam this is going to be a big Bass... then on the 3rd run it was clearly not a Bass but a big old Hound good double in shallow water..!! great fun.
So Saturday.... with my 6 anglers mustered on Vanishing Point-2 confidence was high for their specialised Bassing trip that they had been waiting so long for, some had never caught a proper Bass, like our dear fried Paul Charlesworth .
The only thing as you will see from the photos is that Friday was perfect conditions, but a little breeze from the SE just made it a little harder to get the boat positioned right, as this is critical if you are going to get it right.
But once we arrived and settled down, it wasn't as fast as the day before, in fact it was slow to start with, just as I was going to move, Alistair got the first one, nice fish around 5 lbs ... but being the great fisherman he is, a quick photo and back it went.
But undeterred I got Nicola to pull the anchor and repositioned the boat, and we had a few nice fish but still wasn't happy I repositioned a second time (the wind was just slightly wrong)
but once I was happy with the boat's position the bites came thick and fast, with many bites being missed, due to basically a little inexperience..! good Bass are not the easiest fish to catch, but once you have enough bites and learned how to react...... bingo there is your first real Bass in the net...
(Eh Paul....).
WE had 30+ chances with crashing bites but only converted that into 15 Good Bass landed, and only 6 fish kept all the rest returned, not just because that is the law now only 1 Bass per angler, but all the guys mostly like to fish for the sport...!! (aint that right Tom)..
Sunday, saw a stronger wind again from the SE but we were on general fishing so we went for a ride off-shore and conditions were better off-shore than closer in..!!
Once anchored up fish started coming almost right away, the out of the blue, we were astounded...!!!! we have seen Porpoises many times, but in nearly 30 years of being out there, we had a Dolphin surface right along side the boat, scared the crap out of Tony who was fishing in the corner...lol he called me and said a bloody great fish just surfaced right by the side of him, and although I didn't see it I could see the swirl of disturbed water it had left behind...?? then it surfaced again bloody hell...!! it was a Dolphin...!! it continued to swim all around the boat for and hour, at one point most of the party were on the bow watching the Dolphin going back and forth over the anchor rope ... he was just playing... and as we move out of the deeper water because to tide had started running to hard, the Dolphin swam right along side us as though he was giving us an escort, then as we parted company the lads saw a second smaller Dolphin swimming with the bigger one..... so may be we will run Dolphin spotting trips now...lol but what a real treat and a privilege it was to have them as company for an hour... we got some video of them as did some of the guys who have promised to send it over, I will see if I can up-load it later...
(Just a few of the Bass caught in the last few days

We have some some weekend dates still available, and midweek trips available so if you want to have a go call:
07768 30 66 46.................. Tight lines

9 / 3 / 2017

Due to a last minute cancellation, for this coming Saturday 11th March, we can off as a one off...!! the Vanishing Point-2 at just £350.00 due to a £100.00 non-returnable deposit already taken..
if you are interested call ..... 07768306646

6 / 3 / 2017

Yes Troy as far as I am aware The Vanishing Point-2 was the only boat to sail yesterday morning Mate.
The advantage of such a big catamaran like Vanishing Point is at 51 foot long you have the water line length, and of course her pedigree as a wind farm service vessel saw her working in 3 meter sea’s in the Irish sea so the weather yesterday was never going to be a problem to us .
It was nice to see you boys join up with Mark Smith, his party are very much like yours Troy good anglers easy going, and fish for what’s there, and you certainly pulled out some nice Thornbacks yesterday, and the usual banter to go with it.
It was never going to be 60 mph which is what some people were doom and glooming about, I blame XC weather forecast I don’t know why anyone bothers to look at it I think they only have one colour….RED, for most of the day as my forecast predicted the wind was 18 to 20 mph SW and on rare occasions tipped the wind machine gauge to 40 mph during the sort squall’s that came through with a brief shower then settled down again even then the boat was still comfortable and we carried on catching nice fish..!! well done lads you all fished well and nice to hear you boys saying if one or the other were short on numbers in the future to let each other know and you would team up once again, great comradery, that’s what me and Nicola try to promote on the boat….. See you next month Troy & Tony…….tight Lines..!!