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9 / 3 / 2017

Due to a last minute cancellation, for this coming Saturday 11th March, we can off as a one off...!! the Vanishing Point-2 at just £350.00 due to a £100.00 non-returnable deposit already taken..
if you are interested call ..... 07768306646

6 / 3 / 2017

Yes Troy as far as I am aware The Vanishing Point-2 was the only boat to sail yesterday morning Mate.
The advantage of such a big catamaran like Vanishing Point is at 51 foot long you have the water line length, and of course her pedigree as a wind farm service vessel saw her working in 3 meter sea’s in the Irish sea so the weather yesterday was never going to be a problem to us .
It was nice to see you boys join up with Mark Smith, his party are very much like yours Troy good anglers easy going, and fish for what’s there, and you certainly pulled out some nice Thornbacks yesterday, and the usual banter to go with it.
It was never going to be 60 mph which is what some people were doom and glooming about, I blame XC weather forecast I don’t know why anyone bothers to look at it I think they only have one colour….RED, for most of the day as my forecast predicted the wind was 18 to 20 mph SW and on rare occasions tipped the wind machine gauge to 40 mph during the sort squall’s that came through with a brief shower then settled down again even then the boat was still comfortable and we carried on catching nice fish..!! well done lads you all fished well and nice to hear you boys saying if one or the other were short on numbers in the future to let each other know and you would team up once again, great comradery, that’s what me and Nicola try to promote on the boat….. See you next month Troy & Tony…….tight Lines..!!

27 / 2 / 2017

On Saturday Feb 25th we had a very good day with fish up to 13lbs caught by John Alexander along with 4 other nice fish caught by John, and the other lads all caught and we totalled 13 good fish.
Sunday Started well but with a stronger tide and much higher winds up to 42 mph we only managed around 6 good fish and one or two smaller fish , but Richard did manage the best fish of the weekend... a nice 14 lbs fish so well done mate (that has set the target for Rob..) lol at last we are seeing some decent fish again so come on guys lets go fishing...!!!

19 / 12 / 2016

Well with not a lot to report over the last couple weeks even the Thornback Rays seem to have done a disappearing act...!!

But I know these are not our beloved Cod, but the Dab has made a welcome return to the river Backwater in large numbers.

It is only 6 or 7 minutes away from our marina, and as the tide backs off the Whiting subside from biblical numbers to sensible amounts and give way for the Dabs to come on and give some excellent sport , and to be fair, love em or not, they are a nice size of fish and on light tackle are good sport, and without them in the absence of Cod, they are a most welcome sight.....!

I took a gamble yesterday and went to a place I have never had the courage to take a charter party too, as it was unknown to me as a fishing mark, but taking into consideration the water temperature, the type of sea bed I was targeting, and the fact they have disappeared for all of the known marks, it was a huge step into the unknown.
But..... after an hour of fishing for Thornback Rays once again, we had landed 5 lovely Thornback Rays, putting a real bend back into the rods, something we have not seen for several weeks, and two were tipping the scales at nearly 10 lbs so I think I may have un-locked the secret of where these fish go when they just seem to disappear off of the radar, but I will only go there as and when necessary when fishing is pants everywhere else, I will not rip the ass out of this mark just because I can, and a lot of our fish are returned to spawn, and give great sport another day...!!!

I must say I saw a report on fb the other day from Eastbourne about a boat that had caught and landed a fantastic catch of big, big Bass.... several at 16 lbs, 15 lbs. 14 lbs, and many doubles and while I congratulate the skipper of the charter boat (I think it was called Deep Blue) but cant be sure, I am appalled that this skipper not only allowed the party to kill these superb mature breeding fish, but wants to gloat about it.....!!!! has the world gone completely bloody mad, not only was it quite possibly illegal, but reasonable skippers should be promoting catch and release like they do in America, not only do the have a minimum size fish limit, they also have an upper size limit so anglers do NOT destroy their prime breeding stock, so you cant wonder why they have fish coming out of their ears...!! it's called responsible fish management... something this counties fishing guardians, ie: Skippers of fishing boats, commercial and pleasure, our fisheries ministers, licencing authorities seem to have forgotten ...

Sorry to get on my soap box, but I know after 30 years of being a very successful professional charter boat skipper, and have seen the good times as well as the bad, we need to look after our fish, and if you put reports up of wholesale slaughter of a days fishing all you are going to do is feed even more information to various regulation authorities that want to shut us down wherever possible , and all you do is give these people who never go out and do some real research just have scientist to come up with wild uneducated guesses, a cricket bat to beat us with...

Well lets hope the Cod arrive soon in good numbers, they are not to far away so I am told by the commercial boys there are some in our local waters but high in the water feeding ferociously on Herring, which they can see in daylight hours, with bright daylight above them, and they see a big dark mass moving and get on them so the chances of catching Cod in the daylight hours are much reduced, so tonight we have a party that want to try a night trip, from 1700 hrs until 0200 hrs and see if we can get one or two when the Cod cant see the Herring shoals under the cover of darkness, and start feeding by sent trail again.....!!!

Tight lines and merry Christmas, and a big thank you to all our loyal customers who not only fish with us, but Clay pigeon shoot from the Vanishing Point-2 and have won many TROPHIES AND MEDALS ..!!!!

Here is to a great 2017....!!!!!

2 / 11 / 2016

Had a nice day out yesterday with some good mates... John Rawle, Bob Cox, Nigel Farage and
Ray Finch UKIP MEP..
John took the helm and steamed us Eastward roughly 14 miles, and put us right over the fish, we had Thornbacks coming to the boat quite rapidly, and both John and Nigel got a double hook up and landed fish at the same time.. ( Nigel's was bigger) and Ray Finch hit back with a lovey Thornback Ray, not to be out done, (as John has been tacking the Pea out of me lately) I caught the biggest fish of the day..! a nice double figure Ray.. but with Nicola cooking up a storm on the grill, bacon, sausages, burgers, and a bit of clay shooting over the slack water.
Sadly no Cod yesterday, Bob Cox a true hardened angler, toughed it out with Whiting live baits, and was not deterred... sadly, although one of his live baits got hammered and disappeared, he didn't manage to nab a fish on the live baits... but you have to admire his resolve..
The flood was very good for fish, loads of Whiting some good ones amongst them..!! and a good 20 odd Thornbacks to 10 lbs, doggies ect.
The ebb was a bit of a struggle as the wind went more to the East, then the rain started and I think we were losing the will to live...lol
But as Nigel had to be back in London for various appointment's so we decided to up anchor and head back to Bradwell for 16.30.....
But Nigel has vowed to return for Codxit to get those Cod out of the water..he he he ..!!!
Ok.... tight lines every one